Dual voltage flat iron for international travel

I am traveling to Europe for a month and I recently heard about a voltage transformer that i can purchase to use with my Chi hair straightener and my hair dryer. I started to research but i noticed there are different voltage converters out there. My main concern is what voltage converter to purchase secondly, is there a certain brand that is better than any others?

Thanks for your help in advance.You need to check the wattage of your appliances and buy a transformer that is higher than that.Hotels tend to have 110v and 220v shaver sockets in the bathrooms, but you should never plug a hairdryer or iron into these. At best the fuse will blow, at worse it is a fire risk.They are handy for plugging in a mobile charger (if it is 110v only) which is about the limit for the current supplied.

dual voltage flat iron for international travel
The smallest ones (called converters) go up to 100 watts or so, meant for mobile phone chargers, radios, battery chargers, many of which do work on 100-240v straight out of the box.

If you are in the US (Canada too), try Radio Shack.European voltage ranges from 220-240V, the mains frequency is 50Hz. You may notice an increase in speed of 20% with your hairdryer, but your travel iron will be unaffected by this.
To be honest, it is less weight and simpler to buy a dual voltage flat iron and hairdryer in Europe when you arrive.tage flat iron and hairdryer in Europe when you arrive.Large department store is your best bet.You move a screw to change the voltage or the adjustment is automatic.
A transformer for a hairdryer will be metal clad and pretty heavy. Will use up your baggage allowance and may mean you get extra attention from Customs.As for European brands, not sure about irons, but in my experience anything from Braun or Philips are good quality.


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