What is Your Opinion On The Chi Hair straightener?

My natural hair is fine, thin, and slightly wavy. I would like to purchase a best hair straightener that leaves my hair sleek and smooth, and keeps my hair straight throughout the day. Also, I do NOT want it to leave “dents” in my hair. I tried one of my friends’ old Remington irons on my hair, and it left noticeable dents in it. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the CHI, but I’m unsure. When I went to the official CHI website, there were a bunch of different irons to choose from.So my questions are… would a CHI flat iron be a good choice? If so, what type of CHI iron would be the best for me to buy? And if not, what do you recommend?I have a CHI and I love it! There’s no dents and even adds shine to your hair.

Chi Hair straightener
HOWEVER I got mine 4 years ago. Then, they hand made them! Now, they’re all made in a factory because popularity has increased a ton. They work exactly the same, but mine has lasted 4 years without a single problem, the new ones only last a max of a year! So if you don’t mind replacing every year then the Chi Hair straightener is great. If u decide to get this, get the one that’s about 1 inch thick, that way it can curl your hair as well as straighten it.
If you don’t want to replace it every year and want a hair straightener that works even better (but costs a bit more) you should get the GHD Hair straightener. One of my friends have this and I almost like this better than my CHI! But like I said, it costs more.


Author: Best Hair Straighteners Guide

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