Type of Hair Straighteners plates

Not all hair straighteners are created equal, so you need to check out the many types of hair straighteners plates. There are six basic types of plates. The first two we can eliminate from consideration very quickly, since they do not heat evenly and may burn hair with hot spots on the plate.


These two are both metal: Aluminum and Teflon coated plates.Beyond these, each type of plate has its place, and may be right for you, depending on your hair type and needs.

  1. Ceramic Coated: These plates won’t crack; they heat evenly and are gentle on hair. They are super smooth and will not snag hair. They are a wonderful choice for thin, fragile, or damaged hair – though will work well with all hair types.
  1. Solid Ceramic: They heat evenly, so won’t have hot spots. They are generally gentle on hair, but may snag hair on occasion, at least until you are adept at using the tool. These are a good choice for any type of hair and are gentle enough for thin or damaged hair.
  1. Solid Tourmaline Ceramic: Like the others, they heat evenly and are gentle on all hair types. Snagging may be a problem, so be careful until you get the hang of using the tool. Solid tourmaline ceramic plates are excellent for all hair types, including thick or ethnic hair that requires high temperatures to work. These plates withstand long use at high heat, so are very durable.
  1. Titanium: These are the absolute finest plates available when looking at the types of hair straighteners plates. They cover all the bases very well – they are gentle on hair, will not snag, provide good durability, and heat very evenly for quality, consistent work. They are a good choice especially for damaged or fragile hair and work well on all hair thicknesses.

More about the different types of Hair Straighteners plates

Metal and glass are usually found on less expensive straighteners and are not that great for your hairCeramic plated are popular because the heat up evenly and prevent damage to your hairTitanium are super strong and heat up very quickly.Tourmaline is the newest type and is an element that occurs naturally in nature when heats become negatively charged Regardless of the type of straightener you decide to purchase, you should thoroughly research the various types of hair straighteners plates before making a final decision.


Author: Best Hair Straighteners Guide

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