Wet to Straight Hair Straighteners Reviews

Most hair styling professionals will caution against the use of blow dryers, so the use of wet hair straighteners has become even more popular. Since blow dryers have very dry, intense heat, it can cause significant damage to hair. If your tresses are already fragile from the use of chemicals for permanents or bleaching, avoiding the use of a hair dryer is all the more essential. If you like to use a hair straightener to create your daily ‘do, then being able to skip the blow drying step will save you time and keep your hair healthier.


Whatever your reasoning, it is good to know that wet hair straighteners exist that take your hair from damp to dry without the need for a blow dryer.These innovative units heat your hair between the plates and are equipped with vent slots that allow moisture to evaporate away as it is heated and turned to steam. They dry your hair and straighten – or curl, wave, flip, or crimp it, in one easy step.There are two popular wet hair straighteners on the market, both of which are featured on this site. One is a very affordable unit offering very good value for your dollar. The second is one of the highest quality straighteners of any kind available, and one you’ll want to consider if you are a professional stylist or want to look like a pro does your hair each and every day.

Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straighteners

The best value choice in wet to dry hair straighteners is the Remington Wet 2 Straight model. This affordable unit turns damp hair into a dry head of curls, straight sculpted locks, or wavy tresses. It uses technology that locks in your hair’s natural oils, so the result will be a healthier head of hair in all respects.The second of the wet hair straighteners we feature is possibly the best all-around styling tool available on the market today.

The Andis 67690 1-Inch Nano-Silver Tourmaline Wet or Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener

The Andis 67690 1-Inch Nano-Silver Tourmaline Wet or Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener delivers the absolute best materials and technology there are. The Nano Silver plates employ ceramic tourmaline heaters, which emit the most negative ions of any brand. The effect is the use of gentler heat which eliminates static electricity, calming hair so that it is more cooperative to straightening, shaping and curling. The plates are the smoothest you can find, and will never pull or damage hair.

More about wet hair straighteners

Wet hair straighteners have recently become extremely popular and are considered a break through in hair styling technology. These straighteners have a dynamic alignment system that ensure perfect contact between the plates and your hair. To eliminate the damaging, time-consuming step of blow drying your hair, while healing the damages your locks have been subjected to, consider the use of these professional-grade wet hair straighteners. You’ll look your best, and have healthier hair in just a short time with wet hair straighteners.


Author: Best Hair Straighteners Guide

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