Hair Straighteners Reviews And Buiyng Guide

1) Remington S8510DS Flat Iron, Frizz Therapy, 1-inch, Purple


  • Can reach to a very high heat (450°F) in a matter of secondes (30 secondes max) and saves you a lot of time
  • The Remington S8510DS comes with a small digital LCD indicator screen that turns the entire process to be really easy!
  • Remington offers a 4-year warranty which is nice
  • Deals with frizzy hair really good and straights it right after a couple of strokes
  • It comes with an automatic safety shut off. Very helpful for those of us that tend to forget things such turning off electric devices

Summary: The Remington S8510DS gives the hair a smooth and shiny look and set the bar high for the other hair straighteners out there. It has many pros (the major ones are mentioned above) and a long term warranty that makes it one of the best hair straighteners around. Sure, it’s not the most expensive hair straightener on the market, nevertheless it is one of the most recommended ones.

2) HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair straightener


  • Not only straightening your hair, but also curls it
  • Can reach to high temperature of 410F (200C), which makes it useable for most hair styles
  • Comes with a wide plate (1 inch) and therefore prevents hair from getting stuck along the edges of the plate
  • Gives the hair a very smooth look

Summary: HSI hair straightener is probably one of the most innovative hair straighteners out there. This appliance is used by many professional hair-stylists all over the world on a daily basis. Many of its users testifies that after using it the first time they couldn’t use any other hair straightener device. True, its price is a bit high, however there is a reason why it is not cheap. For those of you that are looking for the best hair straightener that will last for the long term this is probably the one to buy.

3) BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron


  • Just like the Remington S8510DS the BaByliss (PRO Nano Titanium) straightening iron can reach to a very high heat (450°F)
  • Comes with long titanium plates to guarantee the high temperature and to prevent the hair from getting stuck along the plates’ edges
  • The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium comes in 4 different plate-width sizes – 1, 1.25, 1.5 or 1.75 inches. Allows you to choose the optimal width for your hair
  • Can straight or curl your hair
  • The device is very light and compact which makes it user-friendly and easy to use

Summary: The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Straightening Iron is without a question the best hair straightener available on the market. It comes with the most innovative functions and it performs the straightening perfectly. After years of testing and trying out dozens of hair straightening products we have no doubt that this one is the best. One thing that you should take into consideration before buying a hair straigthener and it is that the BaByliss (PRO Nano Titanium) straightening iron is expensive. True, you can probably find a cheaper one, but you will find it difficult to locate a better one.

Choosing The Best Hair Straightener

There are so many hair straightening products available for purchase and hair straightener reviews to research that finding the ideal iron for your hair can prove to be a very difficult and frustrating task. You may have read about a number of different features on a hair straightener and felt as if you were reading a bunch of gibberish; however, don’t let your little knowledge of this styling product discourage you from learning more about it!

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled the most basic guide and hair straighteners reviews for beginners to use when figuring out which flat iron is best suited for their own hair. Some of you may think that excessive research into the perfect straightener is unnecessary, but in actuality, knowing what product is most safe for your hair will help you protect the quality and health of your luscious locks.


The main purpose of a hair straightener is to iron out any imperfections in the hair in order to obtain a perfectly straight and sleek look. These imperfections include curls, waves, kinks, and frizz. Many people have also thrown out their curling irons thanks to recent popular video tutorials on the internet explaining how to create curls with hair straighteners. Flat irons are also used in other creative ways by talented hair stylists; in fact, a simple search for straightener tutorials in any search engine will show you thousands of results.

Buying a Hair Straightener

There are a few things you should consider before reading hair straightener reviews and buying a product, so pay close attention.

1. Size

Depending on the length of your hair, your straightener is going to vary in size. For example, those with short hair should always purchase very thin and small hair straighteners, because they work very well with straightening short layers of hair. If you have thick and long hair, it’s recommended that you choose a flat iron that’s large in width, as it will cover a large amount of surface area, straightening your hair more efficiently and quickly.

2. Hair Type

If you have thick hair that’s coarse or high in volume and frizz, you should only look at straighteners that include very high heat settings. Straighteners with low heat settings will not completely flatten out your hair follicles; they are made for people who have thin, fine, or straight hair. Those with curly and wavy textured hair should also be looking at high temperature flat irons as well.

3. Features and Material

A good hair straightener can cost a pretty penny, so it’s important that you choose a flat iron that has some cool features. There’s so many features that are unique to certain products that we could create an endless list, so when shopping and researching hair straighteners reviews, pay attention to features that could benefit your specific hair type.

Another important trait about flat irons are the material they’re made from. There are 2 materials popularly used in products currently: ceramic, and tourmaline. Ceramic plates are specifically used for making hair appear smooth and sleek. They’re also used for their ability to retain high levels of heat. Tourmaline is a type of gemstone, which works very similar to ceramic. It’s a bit more costly, but many users state that the extra price is worth it.


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