How To Finding a good hair straightener

Finding a good hair straightener

Women mind their hair so much that the market for hair care products continues to grow in leaps and bounds with every passing day. There are numerous hair care products but perhaps the hair straightener is what cuts across all other devices in its ability to versatile and being able to deliver all the time.  You are apt to find on almost every woman’s dresser and those who use it regularly usually present with cool and chic looks.  If you thought it was only women who are greatly concerned about hair, then be informed that even men are now playing the catch up game and they are scoring highly in the game. There are a few important tips you need to consider when looking for a perfect hair straightener.



Tip #1 – Safety

Even though there are hundreds of brands of hair straighteners your greatest concern should be regarding your safety so that you do not end up with a product that will eventually damage your hair and your scalp as well. You should keep off any hair straighteners that contain alkali creams or sodium hydroxide because they are not safe to your skin at all.

Tip #2 – Versatility

A good hair straightener is one that is versatile and should work well with both dry and wet hair. Many specialists have recommended ceramic coated straighteners because they don’t get to chip very easily or even crack as those metal and glass straighteners are apt to do. There are several ceramic coated hair straighteners that have coated paddles which will prevent them from burning the color off your hair. Other good ones will also reduce the side effects of some of the styling products you could have used. You should also look at the hair straighteners versatility in terms of different hair textures since there people with coarse hair while other’s have smooth.

Tip #3 – Long-Lasting Effect

When you look at the end product of most hair straighteners you can be forgiven to assume that they all produce similar results because that is what it could appear to be, nothing could be further from the truth. The great difference lies in how long the effect it has created is going to last. There are modern ceramic straighteners that have been developed in such a way that they evenly distribute the heat which results to a mother straightening at the end of the exercise. This makes sure that the results are going to last slightly longer.


Finding a good hair straightener is not rocket science but one needs to follow those simple tips in order to get one that will be great value for their money. Once you have bough the good hair straightener it will also be important if you can use it according to the well written instructions. For your own safety always remember to unplug the device as soon as you are finished using it.


Author: Best Hair Straighteners Guide

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