Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline flat irons reviews

No matter how long you use it, your hands won’t get tired from holding and maneuvering this light weight flat iron. With its gliding feature, users will never pull or tug on the hair. Also, its curved edge makes things on hair really easy to create a good bend at the ends. This is the reason why Sedu flat irons have been nicknamed a “styling iron” rather than a flat iron.

There are a lot of used flat irons out there, but which model is the best?

Sedu Flat Iron Pros:

Sedu iron utilizes an optimization technology which controls heat and creates long lasting results. With the infra heat technology, the natural moisture of your hair is maintained, ensuring that no damage causes to the hair due to excessive heat.

The adjustable heat setting ensures a perfect temperature control, making it suitable for all types of hair, including the most unruly and the chemically treated hair.

The compact design and lighter, together with extremely smooth plates make everything easy for users. The temperature control is positioned on the outside of handle to avoid users who may incidentally touch and change the thermal setting.

When it comes to heat tools, some appliances will definitely perform better than others. When searching for an ideal flat iron for your hair, you have to look for the ones that will not only straighten it but also does not cause damage to your hair.

Sedu Flat Iron Cons:

The contact between the plates is not very good because they slightly convex and sometimes flush against the surface. The heat of the exterior may get extremely hot to touch, which makes it difficult to squeeze or hold during use. Lastly, it doesn’t feature Swivel Cord

Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic hair Straightener Features:

  • Handy heat-proof storage pouch
  • Curved edge ergonomic design
  • Fast heat up. It takes less than 25 seconds to reach the desired temperature
  • A temperature range of 240 – 410 degrees F
  • Super-Light weight design
  • Tourmaline infused
  • Incredibly smooth plates.
  • Its scratch-resistant ceramic plates provide even heat distribution for hassle free styling and consistent results. Sedu pro has unique curved edges and sleek design that provides versatility for different hair styles from flips to curly, to wavy and straight hair types.
  • The product carries a 2-year warranty against damage caused by workmanship or faulty material. In this case, Sedu has taken the responsibility to replace or repair the damaged item within 2 years of purchase. However, this warranty will not cover damages as a result of unauthorised attachments, attempts at repair, abuse, misuse, or from the accident.
  • The device also has a wide range of temperature level for all types of hair. With a temperature level of 240 – 410 degrees F, you can set it at the desired temperature of your hair.

This Sedu is by far the Best Hair Straightener – among the top rated by hair stylists. If you previously had one, it is hard to switch to other flat iron. When looking for hair straighteners in the market, you are probably going to have a lot of options to choose from. Very few of them will perfectly straighten the hair and prevent it from damage. The Sedu pro-Ionic Tourmaline flat iron will be a great choice if you consider durability, safety, and ease of use.

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Sedu revolution flat iron reviews: The upgrade of Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline, Sedu revolution has Swivel Cord, comes with pink and black colour, and make your hair shinier and healthier.


What Is A Brazilian Blowout?

If you plan to do the hair treatment called a Brazilian blowout, It would be better if you knew what they really are? A Brazilian blowout is a popular hair treatment that some people still don’t have a clue about its benefits or drawbacks. There is a lot of hype about this product both from happy clients and the media. I’ve always been beset by the unmanageable, dry, and frizzy hair. But after applying this hair treatment, my hair changed for good. If you have not used this product before, this article is going to enlighten you about the product and how it feels when you are using it.

How does Brazilian Blowout work on hairs?

A Brazilian blowout is a way of hair smoothening which includes hair straightening and hair curling. It actually seals the hair cuticle, conditions the hair, and really improves the overall health of the hair instead of damaging it, as several chemical treatments do. The Brazilian hair treatment usually leaves the hair manageable, frizz-free and shiny which reduces the length of time users dedicate for caring for their hair daily. It provides a protective protein layer on the hair and works well with all hair types.

How does it feel like?

The Brazilian blowout can be carried out on any type of hair: frizzy, color-treated, damaged, or processed. I’ve done this treatment on several occasions and I surely know that it makes the hair feel better and healthier.

What to do for a Brazilian blowout?

If you want to have this treatment done, the first thing you will need to do is look for a certified stylist for the treatment. The stylist will begin by washing your hair with a shampoo that is specially formulated. The stylist will split your hair into different sections as he/she applies the treatment to these separate sections.  The treatment will then be sealed through blow-drying and flat-ironing. Next, the stylist will apply a masque treatment before applying a smoothening serum after it is being rinsed out. Finally, after the blow-dry stage, the hair can now be styled to your desire.

Cost of Brazilian blowout

The cost of Brazilian blowout is not fixed and can be either lower of higher, depending on a lot of factors. Prices will differ in different areas and the type of salon you choose for the treatment. However, prices range between $150 and $500. There are extra costs you have to incur, though, including the cost of aftercare products needed to prolong the life of the hair treatment. These products include conditioners and shampoo meant to keep your treated hair brisk for as long as possible. Although the price may be a little high, there is no denying the fact that this kind of hair treatment is worth its price in many cases.

Apart from the use of aftercare products to prolong the lifespan of the treatment, the hair can also last very long if you don’t wash it always.  Depending on the aftercare product you use and your type of hair, the Brazilian Blowout can last between 10 and 12 weeks. Another good thing about this type of hair treatment is that it makes results last much longer and makes your hair healthier as you do it frequently.

Important note: The heating process utilised in the application of some hair straightening releases formaldehyde gas, which may be severely irritating to the throat, nose, and eyes. A prolonged exposure can even lead to cancer concerns. It is more harmful to the stylist who gets in contact with the application every day. If you are looking to have a Brazilian blowout, find out the percentage of formaldehyde gas in the application. Its percentage should be at levels below OSHA’s limits. This is why you need to only perform this treatment with a certified stylist who understands the implications of using harmful products on the hair

Can I do a Brazilian blowout at home?

Yes, you definitely can do it at home. Because they cost a pretty much money at a salon, you will save a lot of money when making it become a DIY task with the right tools and methods.

How long does it take to completely achieve a Brazilian blowout treatment?

Normally, you have to spend from 90-120 minutes to get Brazilian blowout done completely.

Is A Brazilian Blowout safe? 

This question is concerned with a lot of people, according to FDA investigation about the brazilian blowout, blowouts actually are not illegal, however, this treatment is not 100% safe and you should minimise the contact to the products because they contain formaldehyde related ingredients. Your eyes, nose are most likely to be exposed to these ingredients when they are heated by styling tools and released to the air. If you have a sensitive skin, they may get irritated. It is very rewarding when you feel amazed with your healthy and natural hair by a Brazilian blowout, so weight the risks.

Universal dual voltage Travel Hair Straighteners

There are two key factors to consider when choosing the best dual voltage Flat Iron for traveling purpose . The first is the voltage of the unit. If you are traveling in Europe, it is essential that you choose a model with dual voltage capability, to handle the 220/230 volts used in outlets all over Europe. Otherwise, your unit simply won’t work! The second factor is size – due to luggage restrictions when flying, and overall convenience, it’s great to carry a compact travel hair straightener. In this guide we’ll identify the best travel hair straighteners according to those factors.


  1. Corioliss Zebra SXE Travel hair straighteners (SXE): Designed for travel, with multi-voltage capacity, and also made for performance. This tool will work wonders on damaged hair, using ceramic tourmaline plates and ionic therapy to make it healthier. Non-damaged hair will look better than ever.
  1. GHD Ceramic Hair Straighteners (MK4): This entire line is geared for performance and versatility. The ceramic plates are gentle on hair and increase hair health by sealing in natural oils. This styling tool straightens admirably, and also works well for adding curls, flips, and all kinds of texture. Dual voltage.
  1. Remington S-9400 Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener: Hardened titanium plate on this dual voltage Hair Straightener model make straightening hair go quickly, without snaps, pulls, or damage from uneven heating. It styles nicely, too, and offers an automatic shut-off feature that gives you peace of mind when you head out to enjoy the things you traveled to do.
  1. Revlon RVST2020 Perfect Heat Travel Hair Straighteners (RVST2020): This unit is compact and offers worldwide voltage capacity! The ceramic plates won’t damage hair, but will glide smoothly through your locks, sealing the cuticles to lock in moisture and shine. The unit offers a plate locking switch and a self-fastening cord wrap.

Compact Travel Hair Straighteners:

  1. Infiniti by Conair CS54 Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curler & Straightener (CS54): The Nano tourmaline ceramic plates create the healthiest hair of any type straightening iron. Rounded plates make it a great unit for styling, too. t’s light and compact, and fits into tight spots for easy storage and travel.
  1. Farouk CHI GF1537 Turbo Mini 3/4 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener(GF1537): CHI is a name synonymous with quality and excellent functionality. These travel hair straighteners features lightweight, compact design, so it is easy to add to a purse of back pack and take with you to school, work, or the gym.
  1. Babyliss Pro BABNT3050 Compact Nano Titanium Inch Straightening Iron(BABNT3050): This purse-sized unit offers high heat capacity – up to 430F – so it will work well on any type of hair, even ethnic or very coarse locks. The Nano Titanium plates heat evenly, are very smooth, and keep your hair’s naturally healthy oils locked in for shine and manageability.
  1. FHI Technique G2 Pink 1″ Flat Iron: FHI is a respected name, and this lightweight, compact unit is very effective in straightening all types of hair. The narrow plates make it the right tool to add style once your hair is under control. Textured curls, flips, and whatever you need to create the right look is possible!Travel Hair Straighteners Shopping Deals!

TurboIon CROC2 1-inch Titanium Wet to Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron

Hair experts will tell you that the less you can use a hair dryer on your locks the healthier they will be.  Now, with the TurboIon CROC2 1-inch Titanium Wet to Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron you can put the hair dryer away and use this tool to turn damp hair into dry, silky hair with ease.  The professional-grade tool is packed with features that will improve the quality of your hair while it is styling it.


The 1” titanium ceramic plates are highly polished for smoothly passing through hair without snags or pulls.  These plates use ionic technology that will relax your hair to make it more pliable and easier to straighten and style.

The heat distribution is always even so you won’t run the risk of hot spots that can cause burns or damage to your tresses. The digital heat setting offers temperatures up to 450F so that no matter what type of hair you have you’ll be able to safely and quickly straighten it with the TurboIon CROC2 1-inch Titanium Wet to Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron. Steam vents are built into the sides of this tool to allow moisture to escape more efficiently as you use it.  Just pat dry your hair first and you are ready to begin.

The dual handle won’t burn you either because it is coated with Nano silver that disperses heat quickly.  This professional tool is made from better stuff and will produce better results for the professional stylist and for anyone who uses it at home.

Reference: Best Hair Straightener

Type of Hair Straighteners plates

Not all hair straighteners are created equal, so you need to check out the many types of hair straighteners plates. There are six basic types of plates. The first two we can eliminate from consideration very quickly, since they do not heat evenly and may burn hair with hot spots on the plate.


These two are both metal: Aluminum and Teflon coated plates.Beyond these, each type of plate has its place, and may be right for you, depending on your hair type and needs.

  1. Ceramic Coated: These plates won’t crack; they heat evenly and are gentle on hair. They are super smooth and will not snag hair. They are a wonderful choice for thin, fragile, or damaged hair – though will work well with all hair types.
  1. Solid Ceramic: They heat evenly, so won’t have hot spots. They are generally gentle on hair, but may snag hair on occasion, at least until you are adept at using the tool. These are a good choice for any type of hair and are gentle enough for thin or damaged hair.
  1. Solid Tourmaline Ceramic: Like the others, they heat evenly and are gentle on all hair types. Snagging may be a problem, so be careful until you get the hang of using the tool. Solid tourmaline ceramic plates are excellent for all hair types, including thick or ethnic hair that requires high temperatures to work. These plates withstand long use at high heat, so are very durable.
  1. Titanium: These are the absolute finest plates available when looking at the types of hair straighteners plates. They cover all the bases very well – they are gentle on hair, will not snag, provide good durability, and heat very evenly for quality, consistent work. They are a good choice especially for damaged or fragile hair and work well on all hair thicknesses.

More about the different types of Hair Straighteners plates

Metal and glass are usually found on less expensive straighteners and are not that great for your hairCeramic plated are popular because the heat up evenly and prevent damage to your hairTitanium are super strong and heat up very quickly.Tourmaline is the newest type and is an element that occurs naturally in nature when heats become negatively charged Regardless of the type of straightener you decide to purchase, you should thoroughly research the various types of hair straighteners plates before making a final decision.

Wet to Straight Hair Straighteners Reviews

Most hair styling professionals will caution against the use of blow dryers, so the use of wet hair straighteners has become even more popular. Since blow dryers have very dry, intense heat, it can cause significant damage to hair. If your tresses are already fragile from the use of chemicals for permanents or bleaching, avoiding the use of a hair dryer is all the more essential. If you like to use a hair straightener to create your daily ‘do, then being able to skip the blow drying step will save you time and keep your hair healthier.


Whatever your reasoning, it is good to know that wet hair straighteners exist that take your hair from damp to dry without the need for a blow dryer.These innovative units heat your hair between the plates and are equipped with vent slots that allow moisture to evaporate away as it is heated and turned to steam. They dry your hair and straighten – or curl, wave, flip, or crimp it, in one easy step.There are two popular wet hair straighteners on the market, both of which are featured on this site. One is a very affordable unit offering very good value for your dollar. The second is one of the highest quality straighteners of any kind available, and one you’ll want to consider if you are a professional stylist or want to look like a pro does your hair each and every day.

Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straighteners

The best value choice in wet to dry hair straighteners is the Remington Wet 2 Straight model. This affordable unit turns damp hair into a dry head of curls, straight sculpted locks, or wavy tresses. It uses technology that locks in your hair’s natural oils, so the result will be a healthier head of hair in all respects.The second of the wet hair straighteners we feature is possibly the best all-around styling tool available on the market today.

The Andis 67690 1-Inch Nano-Silver Tourmaline Wet or Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener

The Andis 67690 1-Inch Nano-Silver Tourmaline Wet or Dry Ceramic Hair Straightener delivers the absolute best materials and technology there are. The Nano Silver plates employ ceramic tourmaline heaters, which emit the most negative ions of any brand. The effect is the use of gentler heat which eliminates static electricity, calming hair so that it is more cooperative to straightening, shaping and curling. The plates are the smoothest you can find, and will never pull or damage hair.

More about wet hair straighteners

Wet hair straighteners have recently become extremely popular and are considered a break through in hair styling technology. These straighteners have a dynamic alignment system that ensure perfect contact between the plates and your hair. To eliminate the damaging, time-consuming step of blow drying your hair, while healing the damages your locks have been subjected to, consider the use of these professional-grade wet hair straighteners. You’ll look your best, and have healthier hair in just a short time with wet hair straighteners.

What Features Should My Hair Straightening Iron Possess?

I think everyone has at one point or another, but surprisingly enough, it was probably a single absent function that made the final outcome less than suitable. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? By simply missing merely one or two little elements, you could be immediately setting yourself up for a failure, not to mention a massive feeling of embarrassment at the Christmas Party! In regards to knowing what you will be paying for, there is simply no limit to the amount of wisdom one can own!!The first thing you must have a look at is the brand of hair straightening iron. There are a lot of famous brands currently out there, but not all of these have been able to stand the test of time.

Hair Straightening Iron

Consumer reports tend to be published every 3 months and when you read through them, you instantly realize that only a small selection have actually managed to get onto the “must buy” list. By way of example, you will discover really high priced hair straightening iron systems which are nowhere to be found on these consumer reports, as they are simply just younger companies trying to make an extra dime (or more) on unexpected individuals, most of which are usually based on the hope that their frizzled hair, as a result of increasing moisture within our planet’s atmosphere, would drive them to get their product.

Nonetheless, the hair straightening iron systems that only cost a few bucks manage to make it onto some of these reports every single quarter… the reason why? Brand recognition!

Famous brands such as GHD Hair Straightener have grown extremely popular among celebrities lately, and all due to their product’s ability to produce massive wavy affects within their hair style design. What they usually do not inform you of is that these wavy affects include a rather long term, high price! Eventually, their hair will dry out and come to be just as brittle as the rest of ours! Now, if you ever were to look into brands such as Conair or Croc, you’ll discover an extremely impressive string of customers reviews that very seldom point out anything negative about them, especially Conair with their own Hair Moisture system, assisting in the maintaining of your hair’s natural luster. These are generally the manufacturers, among a few others, that tend to make it into the public’s eye each and every quarter.Then it comes down to the type of heating system! Does your hair straightening iron possess ceramic plating technology, Titanium plating, Ion emission systems?

Now, if you ever were to look into brands such as Conair or Croc, you’ll discover an extremely impressive string of customers reviews that very seldom point out anything negative about them, especially Conair with their own Hair Moisture system, assisting in the maintaining of your hair’s natural luster. These are generally the manufacturers, among a few others, that tend to make it into the public’s eye each and every quarter.Then it comes down to the type of heating system! Does your hair straightening iron possess ceramic plating technology, Titanium plating, Ion emission systems?

A lot of these systems are designed for even heat distribution, moisture retention, along with smooth, shiny results. That’s exactly what a great hair straightening iron can do for both you and your hair and don’t be satisfied with anything less!Finding a high quality hair straightening iron is not something that you can do without figuring out what you’re looking for. For additional details, the writer would like to recommend browsing the hair iron index.